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Looking for Employees? 

We are here to help you!
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How are we thinking?

Matrix Visa specializes in connecting international companies with talented job seekers. Our mission is to provide opportunities to Bangladeshi workers and integrate them into European culture. We currently have a pool of skilled English-speaking candidates ready to work. Contact us to explore the possibilities of hiring exceptional candidates from diverse backgrounds.


1. Lets send your demands

Get started by filling out the contact form. We will contact you shortly to discuss vacancies and recruitment possibilities.

Young Professionals
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2. How do we do?

We will initiate the recruitment process by sharing your job vacancies with our partners agency. In certain cases, we may even conduct field searches to find the ideal match. Our strength lies in our ability to reach out to thousands of people every week, ensuring that your job openings receive maximum exposure.

3. Filter and select Candidates 

After shortlisting potential candidates, we will arrange for interviews between you and the candidates or create video resumes based on your preference. Our team ensures that each candidate is well-prepared and equipped with accurate information throughout the process. This approach enables us to find the best match for your business, ensuring that you hire the right talent.

Fixing the Roof
4. Work Permit and Visa

Our team will handle all the necessary procedures to obtain work permits and process visas for your future employees.

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