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Romanian work visa For Bangladeshi

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Matrix visa works to make job placement, work permit and visa processing quick and convenient for you. In this blog post, we’ll share the ways we support you.

Basic Information about Matrix’s support:

It is not easy to find jobs for unemployed workers in the domestic market of Bangladesh, therefore Bangladesh government has implemented systems to make it easier for their citizens to find jobs abroad. It provides many benefits to the economy and the people of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi workers residing abroad earn huge amount of foreign exchange for the country.

The growing importance of foreign employment is very important for the economy of Bangladesh. It became a major source in terms of foreign exchange earnings, Remittances is second only to readymade garments. It is contributed to 61% of recent foreign exchange reserves in 2014-2015. In order to sustain this growing trend in Bangladesh, it is time to find a new labor market, as well as need to train the Bangladeshi workers to be skill in trade work and foreign languages, the MATRIX is ​​working to meet this goal.

Our Supports:

  • Find jobs for Bangladeshi workers in Romania as well as in Europe.

  • Training the workers to meet up the demand of employers such as Romanian Language and trade course.

  • Help to obtain work permit and stay permit.

  • Help to obtain Visa from the Romanian Embassy.

  • Find the accommodation in Romania.

Our goal is to Reduce the high cost of migrant Bangladeshi People for employment

How you will be benefited from Matrix Visa?

Did you take decision to work in Romania? Congratulations will prepare you and of course we value your choice. However, you must meet our minimum requirements,

  • You must have Passport and Police Clearance Certificate.

  • You must have some skill for specific domain to qualify otherwise you must take a vocational training from any technical school, Recommended training center.

  • You must finish your secondary school certificate (SSC).

  • You must have basic English knowledge. Recommended Spoken Course

  • It had better with basic Romanian knowledge, Matrix-School started Basic Romanian Language Course, you should see once click

  • We will help to obtain your visa and manpower with ticket and we will manage your accommodation.

General Documents requirement for Work Permit and Visa and Family Reunification Visa for Romania

1. Work Visa:

  • Your Passport

  • Police Clearance

  • Your signed declaration that you speak English, and you are Healthy

  • Your CV and

  • You experience certificate (incase of skill person)

2. Family Reunification Visa: Do you want to bring your family from Bangladesh? we will help you to make your documents and obtain your communication.

  • Your Passport Copy

  • Applicant Passport Copy

  • Your Marriage Certificate, should be over legalized from

  • Must be in English and signed by marriage register office

  • Legalized from Law Ministry

  • Legalized from Foreign Ministry

  • Notary Publication

  • Translate in to Romanian and Notary Publication from Romania

  • Legalized from Embassy of Bangladesh in Romania

  • Legalized from Foreign Ministry of Romania

  • Family Certificate from Chairman or Commissioner office in Bangladesh

  • Statement in which you declare that your family members will be living with you, translate and legalized from Notary Publication in Romania.

  • Evidence of a residence permit with validity for at least 1 year.

  • Proof of income or other means of support, minimum income according to Romanian law

  • A living space, meaning A contract between you and the apartment owner that you will live for at least 1 year and need to legalize from ANAF.

Why need visa from India and How to process?

Since there is no Romanian embassy or consulate in Bangladesh, we have to go to New Delhi, India. By taking help of our partner agency we will send the documents to Embassy of Romania.

Air ticket and Manpower!

We will buy your air ticket on behalf of you, and we will help you to apply for your immigration clearance by the help of our partner agency of Bangladesh.

If you find job from following job sites, asked us, we will help you to apply for work permit to IGI,

Check out the links below to find a job,

  • Ejobs

  • Romjob

  • Bestjob

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