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How are we thinking?

At Matrix Visa we find job seekers for international companies. Our goal is to connect with Bangladeshi people to European culture and give opportunity specially to Bangladeshi workers. Right now we have talented job seekers who speak English!

Searching for talented people with a different background? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


1. Lets send your demands

Get started by filling out the contact form. We will contact you shortly to discuss vacancies and recruitment possibilities.

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2. How do we do?

We will start the process. We will share your vacancies with our social media community and in some special cases we go to the field and search for perfect match. Our energy lies in reaching thousands of people every week.

3. Filter and select Candidates 

Next, we will create applicants and do a interview or video resume if you wish. We provide accurate information and assist each candidate during the process. It lets you find the perfect match for your business!

Fixing the Roof
4. Work Permit and Visa

We will help you to obtain work permit and Visa processing for your future employees.