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A dedicated team of experts

Matrix was founded on January 1, 2021, and it is based in Satu Mare, Romania. Matrix Visa SRL is a limited liabilities company.

For over 1 year, we have been serving our customers with dedication, from small companies to multinational companies and individual to group of people.

Since matrix is a family business so we always treat our clients with honesty, seriousness and professionalism like a family, including companies from Bangladesh, Romania and other countries.

Matrix offers career development such as language course, technical course, and advice, CV and other documents preparation, job search, interview preparation, skilled workers searching, obtaining work permit and visa processing.


Our activities

Matrix Visa SRL helps to the Romanian employer to find skilled employees from Bangladesh and also helps to apply and obtain a work permit from IGI Romania,

a Bangladeshi worker who wants to work in Romania must need a work permit.

The type of work permit depends on the nature of the work, skills, and salary. In most cases, employers are obliged to apply for work permits for their employees. This is because applying for a work permit requires some important business documents from employers.

The Matrix helps the candidates to find a job and prepare for the interview by creating CV, introduction video and work video.

Matrix School specializes in teaching the Romanian language to Bangladeshi people (University students and employees). This course is suitable for students and the person who want to go to Romania for employment.

Matrix partnered with some reputable consultants and companies to process Romanian visas from New Delhi and Dhaka.

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